These conditions govern purchases made on the website, in accordance with the provisions of part III, Chapter I, of the Consumer Code, Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, amended by Legislative Decree no. 21/2014 and by Legislative Decree no. 70/2003 on e-commerce. Products purchased on are sold by:

Silvia Tanganelli
VAT Number: 01216190529 – REA SI-129953
with registered office in Italy, VIA DI MONNA AGNESE 14/16 – 53100 SIENA,

hereafter referred to as the “Seller”.
Any information regarding the sale of products on the website may, at any rate, be requested by sending an email to: or by calling: +39 335 63 95 758.

These conditions may be subject to change; the date of their publication on the website is the date they come into effect.

1. Terms and Conditions of Sale

1.1 These General Conditions of Sale exclusively govern the offer, forwarding and acceptance of purchase orders for tangible movable goods listed on between users of the above-mentioned website and the Seller.

1.2 The products referred to in the previous point are presented on the web pages of the site:

1.3 The General Terms and Conditions of Sale do not govern the provision of services or the sale of goods from third parties, which may be present on through links, banners or other hyperlinks.

1.4 The Seller offers the sale of products on and its e-commerce business services are available for both consumers and other end-users. “Consumer/s” is used to define any natural person who operates on with purposes unrelated to their own commercial, entrepreneurial or professional activity, if any, in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 206, dated 6 September 2005 (the “Consumer Code”). For the purposes of these General Conditions, the Consumer is not considered to be anyone who, when purchasing a Product or Service, expressly indicates in the field reserved for personal data that they belong to the category “Companies, organisations or professionals with VAT number”, simultaneously entering their personal VAT number. Where no specific reference is made to the category of Consumers, the provisions of the General Conditions and the Special Conditions apply equally to all users who purchase Products and/or Services through the Website (the “Customers”).

2. Contract Stipulation Procedures

2.1 The contract between the Seller and the user of is concluded when the Buyer accesses following the procedures outlined below.

2.2 To conclude the purchase contract for one or more products on, the buyer must be of legal age. The contract is concluded exclusively through the correct completion of the electronic order form, which must be submitted electronically to the Seller following the relevant instructions.

2.3 Before proceeding with the purchase of any products, by submitting the order form, the buyer is requested to carefully read these General Conditions of Sale and the Policy on the Right of Withdrawal, as well as print a copy or save an electronic copy. A summary of the commercial and contractual conditions for the purchase of products will also be provided. This contains a reference to the General Conditions of Sale and a summary of the basic information of each ordered product; the price (including all applicable taxes or fees), the methods of payment available for the purchase of each product, the delivery methods and handling of complaints, the shipping and delivery costs, any additional charges, as well as details of the Seller and the date by which the Seller undertakes to deliver the purchased products.

2.4 In the order form, which is shown before the conclusion of the purchase contract, summary information will be provided on: the basic characteristics of the product, the price including applicable taxes and fees and the shipping costs. The contract is concluded when the Seller electronically receives the order form from the Buyer, following verification of the order details.

2.5 The order form will be stored in the database for the period of time required to process the order and within the time limits laid down by law.

2.6 At the time of submitting the order form, the Buyer will be notified that said submission implies the obligation to pay the indicated price. Before proceeding with the placement of the order, the Buyer will be asked to identify or correct any data input errors.

2.7 The language available for the conclusion of the contract with the Seller is Italian.

2.8 Once the contract has been concluded, the buyer’s order will be received and processed.

2.9 The Seller may refuse purchase orders if payment guarantees are insufficient, if they are incomplete or incorrect, or if the products are unavailable. In such cases the buyer will be informed that the contract has not been concluded.

2.10 The delivery times indicated on the website must be considered as purely indicative and any delay or delivery made with subsequent split shipments does not legitimise the Customer to refuse the delivery or to request a refund or compensation.
If the products offered for sale are no longer available or on sale at the time of visiting the website or at the time of sending the order, the seller will promptly notify the customer, in any case within thirty days, of the product unavailability. In the event of order submission and payment of the price, the Seller will refund the amount paid by the customer and the contract will be considered terminated.

2.11 By submitting the order, the Buyer unconditionally accepts and undertakes to comply with these General Conditions of Sale. Furthermore, with the submission of an order, the Buyer confirms knowledge and acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale and any additional information set out on including the Privacy Policy.

2.12 Once the contract has been concluded, the Seller will send the Buyer a purchase order receipt by e-mail, containing the General Conditions of Sale.

2.13 Any product purchased on is intended exclusively for the country from which the Buyer places the order. Therefore, in the event that the Buyer sends the product to another country, the Buyer is responsible for the transfer of the product and is required to follow any applicable regulations or restrictions regarding both its export from the country of purchase and its import into the receiving country.

3. Prices and Warranties

3.1 The products offered for sale on the website are all made of glass using techniques acquired by Venetian glass masters. All products are purchased by the Seller from manufacturers and retailers selected for their quality.

3.2 The basic characteristics of each product is presented on within each product sheet. The images and colours of the products on sale on the Website may vary slightly from the actual products, depending on the Internet browser or monitor being used.

3.3 All sales prices of the products displayed and listed on the website are in Euros.

3.4 The prices outlined in the WEB price list, from the previous point, are to be considered inclusive of VAT for EU buyers, while VAT is not applied for non-EU buyers (not taxable under article 8 of Presidential Decree no. 633/72). For European companies with an INTRASTAT VAT number (excluding Italy), VAT is also not applicable (not taxable under article 41 Legislative Decree 331/93). The unit price, total price and total including VAT, expressed in Euros or not-taxable, are listed for all products selected for purchase or included in the “Shopping Cart”.

3.5 All products sold on come with certification of authentic Murano glass craftsmanship and/or made in Italy.

3.6 With regard to requested deliveries to countries outside the European Union, any import customs fees will be at the expense of the recipient. The Customer is therefore invited to contact the relevant customs authorities of the receiving country in advance to check costs and any potential import limitations.

3.7 Any breakage of the pieces incurred during transportation is covered by insurance, but only if the Buyer presents photographic proof of the accident, sent no later than 5 days after delivery of the package by the shipper in charge to the email address:

4. Payment Methods

4.1 Payment must be made exclusively in Euros.

4.2 Payments from the Buyer can only be made using one of the following methods: PayPal – Credit Card – Bank Transfer. Under no circumstances will the customer be charged additional costs for the chosen method of payment that are higher than those incurred by the Seller.

4.3 In the event of payment by credit card, the financial information will be submitted, using an encrypted protocol, to the banks that provide the related remote electronic payment services, without third parties being able to access them in any way. Furthermore, this information will never be used by the Seller for anything other than to process the specific purchase or issue a refund in the event of a product return, subsequent to the exercise of the right to withdraw, or in the case of preventing or reporting cases of fraud to the police.

5. Delivery

5.1 The delivery of goods purchased on is available to the countries listed in the shipping and packaging section.

5.2. The Seller undertakes to deliver the selected and ordered products, using the method chosen by the Buyer or as indicated on the website.

5.3 The methods, timeframes and production costs are clearly indicated and highlighted on

5.4 The delivery service includes packaging, transport and insurance against theft, damage or losses that may occur during shipment.

5.5 The Seller guarantees the integrity of the product until receipt of the Product and/or Products. The Customer should inspect the product in front of the carrier. In the event the Customer receives a product that is not intact, the Customer is required to take a photo of the product and report it to the carrier and the Seller. In such an event, i.e. in the event of breakage to the product during shipment, the Seller agrees to replace it with the same or a similar product as soon as possible.

6. Limitation of Liability and Warranties

6.1 The Seller assumes no responsibility for any delay due to circumstances beyond their control, in the event of impossibility to complete the order within the timeframe stipulated in the contract.

6.2 The Seller shall not be liable to the Buyer, except in cases of wilful misconduct or gross negligence, for inefficiencies or malfunctions related to the use of the Internet outside of their control or that of sub-contractors.

6.3 The Seller will not be liable for any damages, losses or costs incurred by the Buyer as a result of failure to fulfil the contract for reasons not attributable to them, as the Buyer is only entitled to a refund of the price paid and any additional charges incurred.

6.4 The Seller assumes no responsibility for any potential fraudulent and illegal use by third parties, credit cards, cheques or other payment methods at the time of payment for purchased products, where there is proof that all possible precautions have been taken, based on the best current practice and experience, along with ordinary due diligence.

6.5 In no event shall the Buyer be liable for delays or mistakes in payment where there is proof that the payment was made on time, using the method specified by the Seller.

6.6 By agreement, the Customer is not entitled to any compensation for damages or indemnity or any contractual or non-contractual liability for direct or indirect damages to persons and/or things deriving from the use or non-use of the products.

6.7 The visual representation of the Products on the Website generally corresponds to the photographic image of the same. The entirely handcrafted manufacturing process of the articles must be taken into consideration. The unique characteristics of the objects on sale on the website are a result of the manual processing and production of the glass. Naturally, it is therefore not possible to add or reintegrate objects following purchase without any changes in colour, shape, size, weight or decoration. In fact, the slightest difference between the melting temperature of the glass and that of the external environment during the processing phases can cause significant variations to the finished product. In any case, the company undertakes to maintain the highest possible standard regarding the quality of the products described in the catalogue.

7. Customer Support

Any information may be requested by emailing:

8. Right of Withdrawal

8.1 The Right of Withdrawal applies solely to consumers, i.e. individuals acting for purposes which are unrelated to professional, commercial and business activities. Therefore, purchases made by retailers and companies are excluded from the right of withdrawal.

8.2 The buyer/consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded with the Seller, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within fourteen (14) days from day of receipt of any products purchased on in the following ways.

8.3 To withdraw from the contract, the buyer/consumer may use the Returns Form (compliant with the standard model pursuant to art. 49, paragraph 4 of the Consumer Code) or draw up and send an explicit declaration of their decision to withdraw from the contract to the Seller, indicating the number and date of the order. These must be completed and emailed directly to the address: or sent by registered post with proof of receipt to the address: Silvia Tanganelli, Via di Monna Agnese 14/16 – 53100 Siena. In both cases the burden of proving the correct and timely exercise of the right of withdrawal will fall on the buyer.

8.4 Once the withdrawal from the contract has been exercised, the Buyer must return the products to the Seller at the address: Silvia Tanganelli, Via di Monna Agnese14/16 / 53100 – (14) Siena, Italy – consignment to the shipper must take place within fourteen (14) days from when the Seller was notified of the decision to withdraw from the contract.

8.5 The only costs charged to the buyer are the delivery costs for returning the purchased products, unless otherwise specified by the Seller at the time of purchase. However, any costs of importing goods from countries outside the European Union (EU) are at the expense of the buyer.

8.6 The Right of Withdrawal – in addition to compliance with the terms and procedures outlined above in points 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4 – shall be deemed exercised correctly if the following conditions are also fully met:

  1. the Returns Form or other explicit declaration of the decision to withdraw from the contract must 2. be correctly completed and sent to the Seller within fourteen (14) days of product receipt;
  2. the products must not have been used or washed and must be intact;
  3. the products must be returned in their original packaging;
  4. the returned products must be consigned to the shipping agent within fourteen (14) days from when the Seller was notified of the decision to withdraw from the contract;
  5. the products must not be damaged.

8.7 The Right of Withdrawal cannot be exercised for any products purchased where the buyer has requested personalised engraving or decoration when making the order. The Right of Withdrawal cannot be exercised on any specially commissioned pieces.

8.8 If the Right of Withdrawal is exercised following the terms and procedures outlined in paragraph 8, the Seller will reimburse any sums already paid for the purchase of the products according to the following terms and procedures.

8.9 The funds will be refunded in the shortest possible time and, in any case, within fourteen (14) days from the date the Seller was notified of the decision to withdraw. The refund procedure will be initiated once correct compliance to the above terms and conditions has been verified.

8.10 If the terms and procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal as indicated above, referred to in points 1, 4 and 5 of the previous paragraph 8.6, are not respected, there will be no right to a refund of any sums already paid to the Seller. Once the email notifying non-acceptance of the return has been sent, the buyer has 14 days to choose to take the products back, at their own expense, in the state in which they were returned to the Seller, notifying the Seller using the communicated methods. Otherwise, the Seller is entitled to keep the products in addition to any sums already paid for their purchase.

If the conditions referred to in the above points 2, 3 and 4 of paragraph 8.6 are not met, the buyer will not be entitled to a full refund of the sums already paid to the Seller. The buyer will be responsible for any reduction in value of the returned products, resulting from any use other than that authorised by the Seller with the aim of ascertaining the nature, characteristics and functionality of the products. In such an event, between 10% and 90% of the sums paid to the Seller for the purchase of the returned products may be deducted from the refund provided, as specifically communicated by the Seller via email. Once the email notifying any sums deducted from the refund has been sent, the buyer has 14 days to choose to take the products back, at their own expense, in the state in which they were returned to the Seller, notifying the Seller using the communicated methods. Otherwise, the Seller is entitled to keep the products in addition to any sums corresponding to the percentage deducted from the refund.

9. Refund Timeframes and Methods

9.1 Once the products have been returned, the Seller will carry out the necessary checks to verify compliance with the terms and conditions outlined in paragraph 8. If the inspection procedure is successful, the Seller undertakes to send the Buyer, via email, the corresponding confirmation of acceptance of the returned products. If the inspection procedure is unsuccessful, the Seller undertakes to notify the Buyer, via email, of any decrease in value of the returned products, resulting from the Buyer’s failure to comply with the conditions referred to in points 2, 3 and 4 of the previous paragraph 8.6. At the same time, the Seller will also communicate the amount that will be deducted from the sums paid for the purchase of the returned products; without prejudice to the Buyer’s right to taking the products back, at the Buyer’s expense, in the state in which they were returned to the Seller, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 8.10 above.

9.2 Whichever payment method was used, the refund, in whole or in part, will be processed by the Seller in the shortest possible time.

9.3 The Seller will process the refund using the same payment method used by the Buyer to purchase the returned products, unless the Buyer has otherwise expressly agreed with the Seller to use another payment method, and on the condition that the Buyer does not incur any additional costs as a result of the refund.

10. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

10.1 The General Conditions of Sale are governed by Italian law and in particular by Legislative Decree no. 206 dated 6 September 2005, on the Consumer Code of Chapter I “Consumer Rights in Contracts”, with specific reference to the regulations regarding distance contracts and Legislative Decree no. 70 dated 9 April 2003 on certain aspects concerning electronic commerce.

10.2 All disputes arising from this contract will be referred to the Chamber of Commerce of Siena and resolved in accordance with the Conciliation Rules adopted by it.

10.3 In the event that the parties intend to appeal to the ordinary judicial authority, in the case of a dispute with a subject that does not qualify as a consumer, the judicial authority of Siena shall have exclusive jurisdiction, in the case of a consumer the competent court of jurisdiction will be provided for by law.

11. ODR (Online dispute resolution)

Consumers who are resident in Europe must be aware of the fact that the European Commission has set up an online platform that provides an alternative dispute resolution tool. This service may be used by European consumers to resolve any disputes relating to, and/or arising from, contracts of sale for goods and services stipulated on-line by means of a non-judicial process. Consequently, European consumers can use this platform for the resolution of any disputes arising from the online contract entered into with Silvia Tanganelli. The platform is available at the following link (

12. Modifications and Updates

The General Conditions of Sale may be amended from time to time in view of possible regulatory changes. The new General Conditions of Sale shall be effective as of the date of publication on

13. Contract Storage Method

Pursuant to art. 12 of Legislative Decree 70/03, the Seller informs the Buyer that each submitted order is stored in a digital format on the Cloudways server in accordance with confidentiality and security regulations.

Personal Data Protection

All data provided is requested to make order processing possible.

In accordance with Legislative Decree 2016/679, concerning the protection of personal data, the SELLER reserves the right to correct, consult, modify and delete the communicated data. This right may also be exercised online.

Information on the processing of personal data is available by accessing the dedicated page at the following web address (

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