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Hourglass, Venini




Time passes and small crystals of the finest quartz settle on the bottom of these wonderful artifacts. The hourglass was reinterpreted in 1957 in this work by Fulvio Bianconi and Paolo Venini through an ancient technique called Incalmo, becoming the iconic object of the brand’s collection still loved and internationally sought after in many country around the world.

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The incalmo is a technique of the Murano glass tradition dating back to the sixteenth century but fully exploited in the 70s of the twentieth century. It allows to obtain blown glass characterized by two or more areas of different color by welding two different glass bodies along an edge of equal diameter. The single body obtained can be further blown and modeled even more than once. With this elaborate and complex technique, the Hourglass in red and grape colors is conceived, an iconic object of the VENINI which has the signature of the founder.

The article may not correspond perfectly to the photo as each piece is handmade and therefore one-of-a-kind.

Material: Primary Murano glass made in the furnaces of VENINI Spa – Murano, Venice

SIZE: Ø 10 cm, H 25 cm (3.93 “- 9.84”) – Kg: ~ 0.21

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Weight 0,21 kg
Dimensions 10 × 15 cm

Grape and Bright red