Safya – Design bracelet in blown and satin-finished Murano glass



Displayed in many art exhibitions and copied endlessly, the Safya Design-Bracelet, together with the Safya of the same shape but different treatment of the pearls, is one of the most famous creations of Fulvia Notari, architect from Venice. Three enveloping “Leaves” in blown and hot-modeled Murano glass are assembled and hand-knotted on a soft elastic satin ribbon adorning the wrist of glass only.

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Fulvia Notari creates the Safya  Design-Bracelet which, together with the Bette of the same shape but different treatment of the pearls, is one of the most beautiful pieces of our collection; sensitive architect from Venice, trained with Carlo Scarpa and Bruno Munari at the I.U.A.V., she has been dedicating herself for many years to the design of exclusive and refined jewels focused on the enhancement and reinterpretation of Murano glass worked at the origin. Her strong point is the great attention to the formal design of each pearl, the unquestioned topic of each of her compositions.
The choice of materials and technical details in support each project, such as rings, studs and magnetic clasp in steel or soft oriental satin ribbons anchored to decorative nacre accessories, make the individual items of sophisticated and transgressive Jewels-Design suitable for all the situations. The Safya Design-Bracelet can also represent a refined gift item; very easy-fitting if worn individually, it can be combined with other articles by the same artist.

The small imperfections are an indication of the absolute uniqueness of the article.

The purchased product may not correspond perfectly to the photo as each piece is entirely handmade and unrepeatable.



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