Paestum, the Diver. Your Tedora pendant charm in 925 silver



The image of the Diver is the only testimony of Magna Graecia painting, a work of extreme historical-artistic value still at the center of an animated debate on the search for its hidden meaning: what can it want to communicate to us? The ritual plunge as a saving transition from life to death or an imaginative interpretation of vitality? This 925 silver bead charm is an unmissable memory of great emotional intensity.

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Discovered in 1968 in Paestum, ancient Poseidonia, the Tomb of the Diver derives its name from the same image found on one of the four walls of the funerary urn on which other fresco paintings depicting the scenes of a banquet take place; the representation of the convivial pleasures of wine, music, games and eros were intended to represent salient features of the qualities of the deceased. The ritual dive, immersion in water with purifying and saving power and the banquet refer to the cults of Dionysus and Orpheus and the initiation ceremonies dedicated to them. Tedora has dedicated this beautiful Charm to him, an unmissable miniature perfect for your bracelet.

Compatible with Pandora, Vivara and Trollbeads bracelets, the Charms in pure 925 silver and hand forged by Tedora, a famous Tuscan laboratory specializing in the creation of unique miniatures dedicated to Italian traditions and monuments.

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