Rome, Temple of Vesta. Your Tedora Charm in 925 silver



The Temple of Vesta is one of the most important symbols of ancient Rome; it housed the fire which, in ancient times, had never to fail and was therefore jealously guarded by the Vestal Virgins, priestesses responsible for its care and continuous feeding. Tedora dedicated this hand-chiseled Charm of great suggestive value to it.

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The conservation of fire, a resource considered sacred and a primary asset difficult to obtain, in ancient times required the choice of a public place aimed at its safekeeping. The chosen structure was a temple dedicated to Vesta, goddess (daughter of Saturn, sister of Jupiter) among the most loved in Rome; the priestesses assigned to this role took the name of Vestal Virgins. Tedora has dedicated to him this hand-chiseled charm in 925 silver of great suggestive value.

Compatible with Pandora, Vivara and Trollbeads bracelets, the Charms are in pure 925 silver and hand forged by Tedora, a famous Tuscan laboratory specializing in the creation of unique miniatures dedicated to Italian traditions and monuments.

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