Trinacria. Your Tedora Charm in 925 silver



The Trinacria is the symbol that represents Sicily in its official emblem; this association is due to the particular geographical configuration of the island, characterized by three cliffs, Passero, Peloro and Lilibeo and three points that immediately refer to the triangle. Tedora dedicates this magnificent hand-forged silver charm to it.

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The Trinacria in heraldry is a female head with three legs bent by it; the head refers to the Gorgons, monsters from Greek mythology with golden wings and snakes instead of hair. It is assumed that the image called Trinacria is an ancient religious symbol of oriental derivation that represented the god of sun in his triple form of spring, summer and winter. This is also evidenced by remote coins of the sixth and fourth centuries BC. Thus it was that Sicily became synonymous with fertility and prosperity. Tedora dedicates to Sicily and to you who carry it in your heart, this magnificent hand-forged silver charm unmissable for your bracelet and your pearl collection.

Compatible with Pandora, Vivara and Trollbeads bracelets, the Charms are in pure 925 silver and hand forged by Tedora, a famous Tuscan laboratory specializing in the creation of unique miniatures dedicated to Italian traditions and monuments.

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