Memory – Handmade charm in Murano glass and silver



In memory of your trip to Italy, or to color your modular bracelet with the typical reflections of Murano glass, we recommend that you purchase one or more of our Memory, small Charms with branded studs, where Venetian glass masters indulge themselves in unrepeatable compositions in glass, gold, silver and aventurine.

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One of the funniest experiences on the island of Murano was seeing the legendary Pearls slide the colored glass rods subjected to fire on copper rods; with very fast gestures they plunge the wand into gold, silver or brilliant Aventurine powder to create these small masterpieces with an exceptionally low price in the presence of so much originality and beauty. Refinished with a branded 925 silver stud, all different from each other, rounded or more elegant, smooth or embossed, the Memories will color your bracelet casting a curious light among charms of fine brands creating a cheerful and impertinent parade of colored pearls . Our Memories are compatible with the famous Pandora, Tedora, Vivara and Trollbeads bracelets and therefore are perfect even if you have to think about nice gifts for daughters, friends or grandchildren!

The small imperfections that may be present in the handmade objects are proof of the absolute uniqueness and originality of our products.

Murano glass

925 silver

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Dimensions 9,6 × 11,1 cm