Quadro Design Necklace in gold-plated silver and Florentine leather



The silver pendant of this elegant Design Necklace is plated with 24kt gold and entirely hand-stippled following a concentric design, a processing that gives its surface a satin and velvety effect; square-shaped it is hooked to a turgid black Florentine leather choker with cylindrical bayonet clasp.
Nickel free, it is a 100% handmade Italian product..

Hand Stippled, Nickel Free.
Size of square pendant: 5cm x 5cm

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The Design Sole Necklace, one of the most beautiful pieces of this collection, is entirely handcrafted in the laboratory of Stefano Patriarchi, a well-known designer from Arezzo, one of the most important Tuscan cities in Italy for the working of precious metals. It consists of an essential rigid necklace in black Florentine leather with a cylindrical bayonet clasp and a square pendant measuring 5×5 cm engraved on a 925 silver plate that is hand-stitched with a concentric gait, dipped in 24K gold and stopped at the choker by a thin and accurate stitching also in leather. It is an elegant and singular jewel among the most beautiful of the collection which can be purchased separately, is part of a set that includes earrings with the same pattern but different sizes and can be combined with various rings and bracelets by the same artist, available for purchase on the website.

Hand Stippled, Nickel Free. Silver bayonet clasp
Size of square pendant: 5cm x 5cm

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