Fisarmonica – Turquoise vase in original Murano glass



Fazzoletto, with its timeless waving shape, is one of the best known vases of the ancient Murano glass tradition, endlessly reinterpreted in its simplest and most artisanal ways up to the most refined versions by expert masters or famous artists. The best known version, represented here in Turquoise color, is certainly the one in original raw Murano glass with a material surface and bright colors wrapped in silver leaf.
Fazzoletto is a signed and guaranteed product, a piece with a harmonious shape that gives the rooms a warm and welcoming touch. Unmissable!

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The blowing of Murano glass is one of the most delicate moments of working in the furnace when the incandescent material, collected from the master’s barrel, is worked until it reaches a spherical shape sufficiently regular and homogeneous to be blown. In this version of the ( fazzoletto ) handkerchief, the Turquoise-colored Murano glass, still malleable and enriched with murrine, grit and silver leaf, is gripped and modulated until it reaches its harmonious waving shape. It is a product with a soft and colorful figure much loved by our customers because it is capable of giving the rooms a warm and welcoming touch
An unmissable piece, beautiful to own or give as a gift.

The small imperfections, where present, are an indication of the absolute uniqueness of the product.

The article may not correspond perfectly to the photo as each piece is handmade and therefore unrepeatable.

Material: Original mouth-blown Murano glass enriched with murrine, grit and 925 silver leaf, guaranteed and signed by the master glassmaker

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Dimensions 15 × 11 cm